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"Russian Day-to-day Life" Electronic Database

Today’s Russian citizen, formed by the naïve positivism of the country’s native schools of thought, knows little about the practices of his or her own daily life, that is the daily business, with which we are all preoccupied — the business of recognizing, controlling, loving, without ever letting go of our electronic ‘gadgets’, accepting and giving gifts, weeding our parent’s vegetable patches at the dacha, choosing our clothes or our children’s education, adding to our photos in social networks, tending our graves, and so on and so forth.

The purpose of an electronic archive “Russian Everyday Life” is to present Russian everyday life of the XX — the beginning of XXI century, embodied in oral biographical narratives, talks about "life" and "cases", personal diaries and family photo albums, descriptions and photos of interiors, records of folklore singing, digital copies of handicraft’s objects and children's drawings.